I came to meet Dr. Novo in October 2013 when I was in need of an oral surgeon.  I had a gaping hole in my upper gum right through to my sinus.  If left untreated, it could have led to an infection in my brain.  Dr. Novo went above and beyond to find an answer that would correct this serious problem.  Initially, Dr. Novo tried to close the opening with mesh, this was not successful.  Dr. Novo researched and, in thinking outside the box, he decided on a procedure commonly used in patients with cancer of the mouth.  He grafted a piece of tissue from my cheek and placed it into the hole which would eventually reproduce into the cells that occupy the gum.  Until the time of surgery, Dr. Novo saw me on a regular basis monitoring the hole and providing me with encouragement and confidence that this procedure would be the end to my problem.  Once the procedure was complete, Dr. Novo insisted on seeing me every day to monitor both the graft and the repaired site. Lucky for me, he was so thorough because he saw that a hematoma formed.  This happened a second time and again Dr. Novo was on top of it.  He referred me to an infectious disease doctor to take care of the infection as well as putting me on daily IV antibiotics to make sure that the problem didn’t persist.  In the end, the hematoma did not reoccur and the gaping hole in my mouth is gone.  I wanted to thank Dr. Novo for his dedication, patience and support during this difficult time.  When I thought that this issue would never be resolved, Dr. Novo was always there assuring me that he would fix it and he did.  I highly and happily recommend Dr. Novo to anyone in need of an oral surgeon.  He will treat you like you are his only patient, address and resolve any concerns and make you feel confident and comfortable with any procedure or course of treatment that may be needed.  Dr. Novo, thank you!

                                                                      Kind Regards,

                                                                      Howard Smilowitz


I am writing on behalf Felicia Zelcer. After seeing 4 different oral surgeons that were unwilling to take her on her case with out hospitalization Dr. Novo took on her case an was able to successfully remove her sub periosteel implant in his office under local anesthesia with minimal pain and discomfort. The other surgeons told her this would not be able to be done easily. Any one who has a need for a good oral surgeon should strongly consider Dr. Novo! He is extremely professional, compassionate and most of all competent. His office was state of the art with great staff and his fee more than reasonable.


 Dear Dr. Novo

Thank you to Dr. Novo and his wonderful staff. I can smile again with confidence. No more mess with denture creams and shifting dentures. My dental implants feel and look like my natural teeth and best of all, no pain, that’s right, no pain. I can eat right always. So thanks again, Dr. Novo, I am forever grateful to you for giving my confidence and smile back.

Jean McGowan
Staten Island, NY




Dear Dr. Novo


     I want to thank you very much for my brand new teeth. The implants have changed my life. I had lived for years with the restriction and embarrassment of wearing full dentures. I thought I would never be able to enjoy a good steak or some corn on the cob or best yet, a nice sandwich with crusty Italian bread. You’ve made all this possible again, and moreover, I no longer have issues with pain and discomfort that only denture wearers can understand. An added bonus is that I look and feel young again.   I have a brand new lease on life thanks to you and your staff.


      Your office is run with the utmost degree of professionalism and compassion. You never made me feel I was a bother. You encouraged me to call whenever I needed to and I did. You set a standard of excellence which is reflected in your most courteous staff.  


     Again, thank you for a wonderful and life changing experience.






                                                                                           Lucille Liquori







Dear Bob


Where to begin?


I had been in need of implants for several years. I was very frightened and kept putting it off. I did as much research about them as I possibly could. Not everyone does it the same way. My biggest fears were that they wouldn’t look or feel natural and they wouldn’t function well.


Part of my research included the backgrounds and education of Oral Surgeons performing implants. I wanted to make sure both the oral surgeon and dental lab technician were the best. What good would having great implants be if the teeth covering them were ugly?  


I am very fortunate. My husband is a dentist and I work in his office. I’ve gotten to know the reputation of many oral surgeons in the field. When I was ready, Bob was the first and only surgeon we called. We requested Paul Federico of Federico Dental Labs to do the teeth.


What I didn’t give a lot of thought to was the staff that would be caring for me (Duh!!). They are the backbone of any practice. They are the people who not only represent the doctor but expedite the values of the practice.


All I can say is that I needn’t had worried. They were (and are) gracious compassionate, and beyond competent. They put me at ease and kept me there throughout the treatment.


Bob and Paul lived up to their reputations and superseded my expectations. They were always available and called after each procedure to make sure I was OK. When things didn’t go well they made it right without any fanfare.


I would not hesitate to recommend Bob Novo. In fact, when insurance permits he is the person we refer our patients to. Paul Federico is our first choice for restorations.


Thank you everyone for giving me back my confidence and smile not to mention my ability to eat!!!



With Sincere Thanks and Appreciation



Susan Weinstein 






         I have been a patient of Dr. Novo’s for almost a year now during which he has placed four implants into my upper and lower jaws. Contrary to my expectations, there was very little pain associated with these 3 procedures, and I did not have to take any of the painkillers that were prescribed after the surgeries. The attendant consultations and tests were conducted in the utmost professional manners with Dr. Novo explaining every detail, risks and costs. The surgeries were performed with the latest techniques in implant technology in a very sterile environment. The supporting staff was very friendly and professional. I recommend Dr. Novo very highly to anyone contemplating dental implants.


          Albert Nilles (Staten Island)



                                                    ** ********************************




Dear Dr. Novo


     I would like to say how very pleased I am with my dental implants. I had the unfortunate experience of wearing a removable partial of my 4 upper front teeth from the age of twelve. As time went on more teeth were either capped or removed due to wear and tear of the partial.

I was told for many years that there wasn’t anything they could do for me, due to the bone loss from such a young age. My Dentist, Dr. Steven Acker started talking to me about dental implants. He highly recommended Dr. Robert Novo. Together they worked out a plan to give me what they wanted. For more than thirty years I had the inconvenience of a removable partial. I wanted a full upper set of teeth that were permanent. I had enough of denture adhesives or the embarrassing times my teeth would slip. I wanted to feel normal. I wanted to smile with confidence. 

     I can honestly say that my implants have given me a life changing experience. I actually had to learn how to smile widely, and laugh and sneeze confidently.

I would also like to thank your staff who treated me so kindly. Thank you Dr. Novo for making me smile again.





Jackie Trimarco