All Teeth Missing


People who have lost all of their natural teeth and are wearing either a full upper or lower denture, or both, are candidates for the most dramatic and beneficial dental implant procedures available today. Treatment is usually divided into three phases, requires one surgical visit and takes from 3 to 5 months to complete. And with the latest technological advancements, has been greatly simplified with minimal to no discomfort.


For the first treatment planning phase, Dr. Novo uses his own in office CAT SCAN, in combination with advanced dental implant treatment planning software to analyze the bone structure and develop a treatment plan to precisely fit the patient’s individual needs. A surgical, guide, is then generated by the software, which on the day of implant placement will be used in the patient’s mouth to accurately duplicate what was done in the computer. Before he is finished with this step, it is likely that Dr. Novo will have spent several hours planning and preparing for your implant surgery.


The second phase of treatment is when the patient experiences the benefits of the detailed perparation that lead up to this moment. This is the day of implant placements, and when the patient’s same full denture is converted  (modified) into a non-removable implant supported dental bridge. Denture conversion involves removing much of the plastic covering the hard palate and gum areas, reinforcement and insertion of specialized cylinders to rigidly attach the newly altered denture to the implants. Once finished, patients immediately benefit from a dramatic increase in chewing capability, security and greatly enhanced food enjoyment. In case after case the feedback following this second phase procedure has been described  as nothing short of a "dental miracle."


The third and last treatment phase involves replacing the converted temporary implant bridge with a brand new "final" fixed permanent bridge. This is done 3-4 months after implant placement, after the implants have formed a union with the jaw bone. In this phase all necessary corrections of tooth color and form are made to create a beautiful and comfortable long term solution for missing teeth.